Blog Revival!!


Being blog inactive for a year you might think I scratch the whole thing and start anew, however I believe none of us are perfect and have our strengths and weaknesses (mine is social media consistency for sure, and a few other things:) and should be forgiven and allowed a restart.  Here it is!

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone and yes, I can still say that for all of January.  I checked with VIP’s in the know and it’s official! Hope your year is getting off to a great start.

I resolved this year to be more organized, set measured fitness goals (races and desired outcomes) and more consistency in training and to drink less wine.  Well, at the end of Jan I am happy to say that my training is going well, drinking is down but consistent:) and I am making strides in being organized. It is all a process and balance and I will never get it right but the pursuit of is half the fun. The reward is in the small stuff and I don’t beat myself up anymore for not getting everything perfect – no on can.

Be be gentle on yourselves if you are not matching your resolutions to a T.  Celebrate the big and small stuff as well – just do better the next day and you are bound to have a small whirlpool effect of increasing success.  Focus on the important stuff first and then plug away at the chores. That is all we have is the next day.  I strive to finish the day and sit back and be happy and even proud of a few accomplishments. When I fall behind or procrastinate I feel dreadful and guilty, lazy even.  Not my bliss!

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Rob Ford embarrassment


What a soap opera this has been the last few weeks following our misguided mayor.  Sad, entertaining and well, a waste of time and potential.  Now he says he will run for mayor again, prime minister and…get this is now working out.  Now I am always for someone getting into the fitness game at any time.  Never too late and all that but dude, this ain’t ever gonna bring back your political credibility and no one believes you. Maybe he thinks deep inhalations of crack cocaine constitutes diaphragmatic breathing.  As if. 

Always wanted to get on Letterman and now I know what it takes…

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  • Number 2 on David Letterman's top 10 List about what Rob Ford was thinking during the eight-second pause following Denzil Minnan-Wong's question about whether the Mayor had bought illegal drugs: “What answer gets me to Dairy Queen fastest?”zoom

Late Show host David Letterman’s iconic top 10 list was devoted Thursday night to Rob Ford’s extended pause in answering a question from Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wongon whether the Toronto mayor ever purchased illegal drugs.

Here’s Letterman’s list of the top 10 things going through Ford’s mind while he was considering his answer:

Number 10: “Is he talking to me?”

Number 9: “Oops.”

Number 8: “Yes and I’d like some now.”

Number 7: “What would a crack-smoking Winston Churchill say?”

Number 6: “No questions about Newfoundland?”

Number 5: “I don’t remember, you should be talking to my crack dealer.”

Number 4: “I’m not an addict, I’m just stupid.”

Number 3: “Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack, Crack.”

Number 2: “What answer gets me to Dairy Queen fastest?”

Number 1: “Help me, Canadian Jesus.”


Watching the Olympics this year is truly inspiring and awesome.  There are so many stories of athletes and their struggles, hard work, injury and sacrifice that resonate with me.  As Canadians, there is so much to celebrate!

Clara Hughes is perhaps my foremost inspiration! Talented, poignant, humble and honest to the letter, she motivates a nation and makes us proud. Watch the following video to get fired up:

For the average Canadian the dream of going to the Olympics is for a rare few.  Firstly, to have grown up athletic is common but to compete at such an early age at such a high level and stay with it is rare indeed.

I grew up very active- dancing ballet and jazz, swimming competitively breast and back stroke, track and field and volleyball. I was never a high caliber athlete naturally and had to work very hard at it.  My sites were creative and went into singing and active for a few decades. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I actually found the drive and purpose to train athletically in triathlons.  At that point, I wish I had been more disciplined and pursued a professional career at an earlier age.  I am now trying to make up for lost time:)


Spartan Race…DONE!


Sore but smiing:)


Amidst 7000 other race entrants and through the rain, mud, ropes climbs and army crawls I completed a 7km trail run with 15 obstacles.  It was sheer fun and a heck of a good workout. Having done this race last year, this year took me twice as long to finish.  It may be because they added  2 extra km without telling us or that there were more people and thus more bottlenecking but ultimately I think the obstacles required a little more time and effort than last year. So, I went from about a 30 minute race to over an hour.

My whole body feels the experience.  I am nicely sore….everywhere, but especially my inner thighs, upper back and rib cage.  All that climbing and elbow crawling.  Rowing, wheelbarrow racing, pulley lifting, jumping over fire, climbing ropes and army nets are all in a good day’s work but what really took the cake was crawling under barbed wire in mud and then having to wade in waist high mud through an uncertain course where I really thought I would lose my shoes or perish in quicksand first! So much fun!

Here are a few photos of the experience.  Because you can’t carry a cell phone with you through the mud, these were taken afterwards and also from another race in Ottawa.


This was my second year doing the race with clients, my husband and friends.  I will definetely do another one. Funny thing is that I felt more in shape last year at 2 months pregnant than I do now.  Good news though is that my weight continues to drop. A total of 5 pounds now and I have gone back to some wine drinking and more grains than normal.

Write more on that experience soon.  As Spartans would chant “Aroo”.  Feels so good to be done:)


Spartan Race…the day is upon us

This Sunday, June 24th will mark the second annual Spartan Race in Toronto as tens of thousands of racers from couch potatoes to Ironmen will come to take on the unexpected challenges that this unique obstacle race brings on.  I raced this last year with a crew of friends and clients and will do so again.  Click on this link to an article from the June’s “Report on Small Business” in the Globe and Mail.  Punch in on page 22 for a quote from your truly!

Looking forward to race day and keep you posted about the results!